• When it comes to taking care of our U.S. Veterans who are struggling with mental and physical disabilities; Mr. Williams believes in directly paying them their benefits to be used on the open market. In doing so, this will eliminate the need for the VA Hospitals who have time after time failed to treat our Veterans properly.

• The United States gives around $100 billion in foreign aid each year, to nearly every country on Earth. So far, we have not seen substantial improvement in any country’s economy as a result of this aid. Although foreign aid is given in good intentions, taxpayers nationwide end up funding wealthy bureaucrats or an overseas terrorist organization. We aid countries that are hostile towards the U.S., who use this money against us. This severely undermines America’s interest and our allies such as Israel.

• Additionally, Mr. Williams is against foreign interventions. He feels that the U.S. Armed Forces should not be put at risk for the special interest of another nation. When the United States intervenes in the affairs of other countries, it actually ends up creating more animosity and increasing tensions worldwide.

• Mr. Williams is strongly in favor of having our military at home on American soil protecting our borders, instead of policing the world. However, Mr. Williams is in favor of temporary military assistance’s to the allied nations (via their request for us to help them out & Congress approves the measure) when they come under attack from an enemy force(s).

• Mr. Williams believes when dealing with nation-less terrorist organization such as ISIS – the use of the letters of marque and reprisals come to mind.  Unemployed veterans who voluntarily chose to work as mercenaries will lend their extensive combat knowledge and skills to handle such threats. The end result – no U.S. military boots on the ground, no collateral damage and it’s Constitutional.

• Mr. Williams believes Israel has a right to exist, as well as Palestine does. He supports a peaceful resolution as the majority of Israelis and Palestinians do for a two state solution.

• Just like the Pontian Greeks and Assyrian Christians, Mr. Williams fully supports the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. With the terrible tragedy that was the Holocaust that took 11 Million lives (1.1 Million children, 6 Million Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals, Disabled People, and Gypsies) during World War 2 – the Armenian Genocide (which took the lives of 1.5 Million Armenians during World War 1 in 1915) serves as the predecessor of an important history lesson that should never be repeated or imitated