• Mr. Williams supports lowering Illinois State income tax (as of 2016)  from 3.75% to 2.25%, state sales tax rate from 6.25% to 3%, and Property tax from 2.14% to 1.75% easing the economic burden for all Illinoisans.

• Mr. Williams is against Civil Asset Forfeiture. The Government has no right to seize private property or belongings of those who are suspected of committing a crime prior to a guilty verdict.

• Mr. Williams believes in there being a social safety net such as welfare to help people temporarily until they are back on their feet. Due to heavy regulations and high taxation, the unemployed are unable to find proper work. Government only job in the marketplace is to prevent fraud and collusion. Through the free market, jobs can be created by innovation and competition where all who seek financial freedom can benefit.

• He is against the increase of Minimum wage, as it would raise the cost of living and discriminate against those with no or less job experience. On the state level, he believes in allowing the employees financial freedom just like in the professional world of business to negotiate for their wages based on job experience and skill set.

• He believes people should be given a choice if they wish to be involved in a Union, or not.

• When dealing with the Northwest and city residents who have been greatly affected by the increased air traffic and noise due to O’Hare airport activities; Mr. Williams fully supports a neighborhood-based plan, working with community groups, businesses, the ONCC and the FAA, for fair allocation of air traffic between existing and new runways for day and night air traffic, utilizing all existing and new runways, expand noise monitoring and abatement programs to ensure specific communities are not unduly burdened, and make “Fly Quiet” the official mandatory policy for O’Hare.


• The very least, when it comes to lowering taxes; most people agree that it promotes more consumer spending and revenue building. Repealing regulations in the marketplace like Obamacare, rejecting bailout money to wealthy corporations for their bad business practices, a lower corporation tax from 35% to 12%, gradual cuts to foreign aid & lessen the U.S military interventions overseas will help our economy thrive for the time being.

The income tax is among the biggest violations the government has committed against its citizens. It decreases productivity and makes progression nearly impossible. The very existence of the IRS shows that the government feels that it owns the labor of Americans. With 1,120 different tax forms, over 70,000 pages and it taking your American business owner and citizen over 6.1 billion hours a year to comply and understand the income tax, is nearly impossible. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t understand the federal income tax!

Reforming the tax code isn’t enough. Mr. Williams strongly supports the Fair Tax. Under the Fair Tax, the IRS would be replaced (after 3 years) with the Excise Tax Bureau and a Sales Tax Bureau. The Fair Tax is a 23% national sales tax on all new goods and services. It would replace the federal income tax, payroll, corporate tax, etc. The plan will give the taxpayer full control over his/her taxes, and relieve the overall burden that the income tax has placed on all Americans. Certified Public Accountants will be more productive as they will be working within the Social Security Administration handing out prebate checks, which ensures that all purchases made up to the poverty level are completely tax free. The bridges and roads would still be built, jobs overseas will return to America and the national defense budget will be maintained.

• Regarding Social Security, Mr. Williams is in favor of allowing the States to fund the program as they do with welfare. He also favors an opt in/out option. He believes people have the right to “personalization”, and increased freedom with their money.

• To fight poverty and job loss, Mr. Williams favors “Economic Freedom Zones” for small business’s in poor urban/rural areas by decreasing their federal tax burden to 5%.

• He strongly favors that the Federal Reserve should be audited then eventually ended. Return the printing power back to the U.S. treasury along with the Gold standard being re-implemented (causing us to live within our means), then Congress issues out the currency as the founder fathers had intended.

• He also feels that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should be abolished, as the handling of natural disasters should be the states responsibility, through means of the National Guard, charities, and volunteer organizations.