• When it comes to Sanctuary cities, Mr. Williams is not against it. However, Federal and State tax dollars shouldn’t go towards any welfare programs for undocumented immigrants either. If the undocumented immigrant is convicted of a felony or wanted fugitive, then they should be deported.


• David is against illegal immigration and feels that the number one priority is to secure the U.S. borders with U.S. Military presences. However, he does believe in giving immigrants who contribute through their labor a path to legalization by means of a work visa program and being able to maintain financial stability before bringing their family into the U.S, acquiring higher education through the means of a study visa, or voluntary U.S Military service. The illegal’s who do not contribute will be cut off from welfare and deported. Illegal immigration is costing the government billions of dollars, so by maintaining a reasonable immigration policy, we can both improve our economy while decreasing debt.

• Instead of visa waivers for the citizens of Poland who come to the U.S. on temporary travel permits, Mr. Williams believes that they should have free reign (via passport) to come as they please. With this restriction lifted, new business opportunities will open up between the U.S. and Poland.