• Mr. Williams fully supports that both parents who are separated, have full visitation rights and provide proper care for the well being of their children(s). Also, the parent who is to receive child support payment MUST prove to the courts where the money is going to.

• Mr. Williams believes in a Woman’s right to chose up to the point of viability (2nd Trimester). Like 64% of Americans, he opposes late term abortions – with exceptions to rape, incest and the Mothers’ health being endangered.

Victims of a rape should have the morning after pill and a shot of estrogen made available by hospital treatment on the spot to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

He also believes in alternatives to abortions, such as temporary housing, job training, education and adoptive services for women.

However, he opposes funding from the federal and state level for Abortions as those funds should come from the private donors; keeping it more of a personal matter which gives women more control over their bodies, rather than government.

• Ecological awareness is critical to this nation’s welfare. By providing economic incentives and people taking individual responsibility for their immediate surroundings, we can ensure that the Earth is well taken care of and resources will be available for future generations.

• Mr. Williams is opposed to GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism). Instead of leaving the responsibility up to the federal government through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or other special interests; he takes a free market approach by leaving the onus on the consumer who should demand that the manufacturers of edible goods provide full information and refuse to buy the products if they are not labeled GMO/Non-GMO. When it comes to what the people eat, this should not be the role of government to determine what is good or not. That is left up to the people.


• Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare has had, and will have only negative effects on the American working class with increased insurance premiums & raised payroll taxes, complicated the health care system for hospitals, infringed on personal rights of healthcare choice by mandating health insurance for everyone, forces workers to work part-time hours and massive layoffs. As an alternative to Obamacare, the implementation of CARE clinics for the poor can handle their medical needs, and allowing insurance across state lines for those who can afford it. Thus driving down the cost of care, giving the consumer free rein of choice.”