• It is no secret that the quality of American education has decreased exponentially over the years. The main culprit happens to be the Department of Education. In order for the education of our children to improve, we need to take out government meddling, and instead focus on giving control back to the local level, therefore increasing the influence of parents and teachers on education. Parents once again through a voucher program, having state funds provided would be able to choose where their children(s) would receive education through the choice of a private or charter school, or even home schooling. Recent attempts where the government has tried to improve education (such as the No Child Left Behind Act) have been massive failures, while simultaneously draining millions of dollars.

• State stipend provided for all teacher, public and private, to buy school related materials instead of out of pocket.

• Mr. Williams is in favor of ending employer discrimination against College graduates with debt. College graduates have it hard enough as it is trying to obtain work, but are denied it due to business’s doing credit checks on them. At one time if a consumer wanted a Visa debit card, based on their credit score, they were either granted it or not. It’s about getting Americans back to work. Allowing them to work off the debt they owe – not bailouts!