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David is a 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Vet, Novelist, 2014 GOP congressional candidate & 2016 Independent congressional candidate IL 9th & Libertarian. In the spirit of the liberty, he aims to serve the American people and their interest, not political party bosses or multinational globalist corporations, equal protection under the law - not favoritism, lower taxes, term limits, and fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great!

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I was invited to the Westside of Chicago to help pass out Turkey and cupcakes to those in need at #turkeychopchicago

It gives me pleasure knowing that these families can enjoy a decent meal today.

I’m happy to give back to the community.

#HappyThanksgiving to all!

#LiberateSpringfield #VoteLibertarian #DewWhatsRight
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This past Saturday, I gave a speech on my Lt. governor run, Q&A and the audience thoughts at the College of Complexes. #LiberateSpringfield #VoteLibertarian #DewWhatsRight
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The duties of Lt. Governor include being the chair of the Rural Affairs Council & Illinois Main Street Program.

It’s been far too long where Southern Illinois and the South/West side of Chicago has been taken advantage of by the Democratic Party and neglected by Republicans.

If I end up getting the nomination for the Libertarian Lt. Governor, and if I and the Libertarian Governor candidate win the general election in 2018, there won’t be broken promises on our behalf.

I will make sure that there will be economic improvements in the Urban/Rural areas in our state by establishing economic freedom zones, bringing jobs to Southern/Central areas such as Mt. Vernon & Bloomington not just Chicago, a well needed boost in our quality of Education, criminal justice reforms such Marijuana legalization, decriminalized the harder substances - no jail time, but a fine in place of that, less sentencing for minor offenses, encouraging individuals who want a 2nd chance at life to consider a service in the National Guard, and parental court reformations to usher in a stronger family unit.


That I will deliver on.

#LibertateSpringfield #VoteLibertarian #DewWhatsRight
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Governor Bruce Rauner is pathetic when he’s begging Democrats and his voting Republican base that he let down, to give him a 2nd chance.

He didn’t fight the good fight.

He became Speaker Michael Madigan socket puppet.

Times up for Brucie.

For anyone interested if you plan on voting Libertarian, you potentially have one of these three choices for governor.

Let your friends and family know about them.

Kash Jackson For Governor

Matthew C. Scaro for Illinois Governor

Jon Stewart for Governor

#Liberatespringfield #VoteLibertarian #DewWhatsRight
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