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David is a 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Vet, Novelist, 2014 GOP congressional candidate & 2016 Independent congressional candidate IL 9th & Libertarian. In the spirit of the liberty, he aims to serve the American people and their interest, not political party bosses or multinational globalist corporations, equal protection under the law - not favoritism, lower taxes, term limits, and fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great!

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Great day with the The Libertarian Party of Chicago marching in the Chicago Pride Parade. #liberatespringfield #EqualityRights1971 ... See MoreSee Less

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Victimless crimes such as drug use is going to end in Illinois if I have the opportunity to get the Libertarian nomination for Lt. Governor, and then win in November 2018.

People really have to come out their comfort zone and realize that you're ruining these people lives with jail time more than the drugs will ever do to them.

We're not the Philippines. We're not gonna kill them either.
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I spoke at the Libertarian party of Dekalb county tonight
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Lieutenant Governor candidate David Earl Williams III Please submit any questions you may have for him!

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Thanks to all the people who are ready to see real changes happen in Illinois as we hold every state politician accountable.

I've noticed from those who claim to be Democrats or Republicans, you guys still play the blame game.

No team work, but everything is taken personally.

That is selfish, and puts all Illinoisans at risk

By the way, I recall in the 90s growing up, we had an actual fiscal responsible governor (in my opinion) by the name of Jim Edgar

Jim Edgar actually funded education and made cuts to state waste and abuse.

Democrats and Republicans loved him.

We won't be getting that from do nothing Governor Bruce Rauner, or the Democratic legislatures.

You can rest assure, you'll get that with me and whomever our governor candidate is.

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