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David is a 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Vet, Novelist, 2014 GOP congressional candidate & 2016 Independent congressional candidate IL 9th & Libertarian. In the spirit of the liberty, he aims to serve the American people and their interest, not political party bosses or multinational globalist corporations, equal protection under the law - not favoritism, lower taxes, term limits, and fighting to maintain the constitutional values that made this country great!

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‪If I end up getting the nomination for Illinois Libertarian Lieutenant governor, you can bet Marijuana will be legalized/decriminalized along with the harder drugs. The opioid issue will be non-existence. Treatment is not enough if you relapse landing you in jail. ‬

#votelibertarian #liberatespringfield #DewWhatsRight
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My 2018 New Year’s resolution is, if the Libertarian Governor candidate and I win the general election - Illinoisans can rest easy knowing not just their taxes will be lowered, but ALL state government spending will be cut and adjusted.

No trickle-down economics here.

Everyone from the poor and middle class will benefit in the long term.

A good start is major cuts to the salaries of the state executive branch and general assembly.

It’s time government lives within its means, like the rest of us working people.

The time of greedy career politicians is over!

Happy New Years 2018!

#Liberatespringfield #VoteLibertarian #DewWhatsRight
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I stopped by after work today to support the 5th annual 24 hour Homeless Veteran/civilian Sleep out.

It’s a good cause to raise awareness and money to help those struggling to get back on their feet.

I happily donated, and if you wish, to here is the link below:

#VoteLibertarian #LiberateSpringfield #DewWhatsRight #vetsleepout
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I volunteered at the Broadway Armory Park on Chicago’s northside for the holiday of hope wrap party.

So many presents for children who are less fortunate.

Happy to have helped to bring some holiday cheer to them.

#VoteLibertarian #LiberateSpringfield #DewWhatsRight
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